Derby City Roller Girls
Back in Black and Red


New Season, New Goals!

December 18th, 2015

We’re off to a great season here at DCRG! if you missed it, the All-Stars brought home our first win of the season in a 172-125 against a mash-up team from ROCK, Cincinnati Rollergirls, Black N Bluegrass And Clarks Villians. Thanks to all the visiting skaters for an amazing game and thanks to all of you who came out to watch and support us!

Did you also know we’re currently at #109 in the WTFDA Rankings? Our hard work in our 2015 season paid off and boosted us up more than 30 places! We hope you’ll join us throughout our 2016 season to cheer us on as we continue to rise even higher. So don’t miss out on our next bout, Bourboun Brawlers vs Western Kentucky on March 12th!

The Rollergirl Project: Derby City Roller Girls Edition

April 27th, 2015


“Body By Derby is a figure study of active derby athletes to show the different body types of active skaters and the physical effects derby has on the players.”

When Cory Layman of Body by Derby contacted us we were so honored to be featured in this series! When we found out we would be the last league, we knew we had to do the Project proud! 19 of our amazing skaters jumped at the opportunity to show off  what Derby has done for their body. Body positivity and taking care of ourselves is very important to DCRG. We hope that our entry inspires others to go after what they want, love the body they are in, and treat themselves well!


For the full photo series and more information on the project click here.


Above Photo Credit: Cory Layman, Body by Derby


Cupid’s Undie Run, Valentines, And The Polar Bear Plunge. Oh My!

February 16th, 2015

February has been an exciting month!

Photo By: Johnnie Knocks'em

Photo By: Johnnie Knocks’em

We had the pleasure of working with Cupid’s Undie Run on Valentine’s Day to help spread awareness and raise funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Last year Cupid’s raised over $2.8 Million to #EndNF!! We could not be more proud to be involved in this organizations event in Louisville. The almost 1 mile run took place on 4th Street in Downtown. The festivities started at Noon and the temperatures were chilly in the 30’s with snow flurries making an appearance. Over 200 participants showed up in their best Undies and festive outfits to run through the streets and help raise money for the event! We had the pleasure of hanging out and dancing with the participants, as well as passing out the prizes they had earned, and providing assistance to the organizer where needed. The Courier-Journal covered the event and you may recognize some of the DCRG skaters. Check out their story and video here:

Photo By: SlingHer Kyle

Photo By: SlingHer Kyle

We also had the amazing opportunity to join forces with St. Leonard School Art Students and make Valentines for Wayside Christian Mission to share with the groups that they work with! It was very fulfilling for the team to spread the love with those that may not otherwise be receiving positive wishes during this holiday. The cards ranged from homemade to store bought with special messages in them. Some of the skaters teamed up with their kids, family, and friends to make this happen!! We cannot wait to work with Wayside Christian Mission again!

If you would like to check out their full blog post about the contributors and their mission click here:

Photo By: Randy

Photo By: Randy



Official 2015 Logo

Official 2015 Logo

Don’t forget to check us out at The Polar Bear Plunge on Saturday February 28th where we will be Volunteering as well as Jumping to help raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics. If you would like to donate to our team, The Derby City Polar Girls, follow this link:

2015 Season Opening Exhibition Bout

February 16th, 2015

Photo By: Studio Siskart Productions

Photo By: Studio Siskart Productions

On February 7th  the Derby City Roller Girls hosted their 2015 Season Opening Exhibition Bout at Champs Rollerdome off of La Grange Rd. The Louisville based roller derby league, known as Louisville’s Other Derby, mashed up their Allstars and the Bourbon Brawlers and redistributed them into one Black Team and one White Team for the event. Over 600 Family, Friends, and Fans poured into the rink to watch new and veteran skaters alike battle it out on their home turf.

         Although the Black and White team were competitive, everyone from both teams skated together before the Bout began and showed off some of their dance moves as an on skates dance party broke out during warm-ups. Excitement began to build as both teams exited the rink floor for their Official Entrances and the teams themes were revealed. The “Black Betties” sported matching Pinup inspired makeup and Black Athletic Stripes while The “White Stormtroopers” were led out by Darth Vader himself and sported matching bandannas that looked like their namesakes helmets!
          The White Stormtroopers dominated the first half, gaining a remarkable lead with their unstoppable Jammers and hard to pass Blockers. This did not discourage the Black Betties who continued to fight diminishing the gap between the two scores as much as they could before halftime. When returning for the second half both team were pulling out all of the stops. The Score seemed to be pinballing back and forth with almost every jam. The Last jam of the night pitted Shellnita Crutch, for the black team, and Johnnie Knocks’em, for the white team, against one another. Both Jammers fought to get past the strong walls and hip hits from the blockers in the pack but it was Johnnie Knocks’em that broke out first to gain Lead Jammer status. Johnnie and Shellnita battled it out for the full two minutes before the final whistle blew. Both Teams stood at their benches watching the scoreboard and waiting for the Official Score to be shown. When the scoreboard updated it revealed that the Black Betties had won 198 points to the White Stormtroopers 189 points. The Black bench celebrated before each team took a lap on the track high fiving fans and skaters as they went. The Black bench then invited the White bench to join them making a large circle of their entire league. They huddled together to congratulate each other on the great accomplishments they had made that day and ended their first official Bout of the season with a DCRG chant said by all.
          You can see more of DCRG at The Polar Bear Plunge on Saturday February 28th where they will be Volunteering as well as Jumping to help raise funds and awareness for the Special Olympics. If you would like to donate to their team, The Derby City Polar Girls, follow this link:  and don’t forget to come and cheer on The Bourbon Brawlers at Champs Rollerdome on March 7th as they take on the Terrorz Of Tiny Town.