Derby City Roller Girls
Back in Black and Red


Try-outs to be held June 27th at 8:30pm
at Champs Rollerdrome
9851 LaGrange Rd, Louisville KY

Register for Try-Outs HERE

What are the requirements for becoming a Derby City Roller Girl?

There are a few requirements to become a skater:

  • You must be at least 18
  • You must have health insurance
  • Own your own gear:
    • Quad Skates
    • Helmet, Pads (knee, elbow and wrist guards)
    • Mouthguard

Who should join?

Women 18 or older who are interested in:

  • Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby
  • Competitive play
  • Meeting league requirements such as attendance, dues, events, etc.

Can I become a league volunteer?

Why yes you can! We are always looking for help off the track!
Our volunteer positions include:

  • Referees
  • Stats
  • EMT’s
  • Bout day volunteers
    • merch table
    • beer slingers
    • security
    • ticket takers
    • and much more

please email: